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What to do when transponder key is lost

Anytime we lose a possession, it feels bad. When that possession allows us to drive, it feels worse; much worse! Here at Eagan Super Locksmith we are an authorized shop that can duplicate and program transponder keys. This is important because a lost transponder key can not only prevent you from driving your car, truck or SUV, it can also cause massive inconvenience and big, unexpected expenses at the same time! For those not living in Eagan, MN, we’ll show you where and how to get your transponder key replaced by real experts, quickly, affordably and correctly.

Stop what you’re doing and calm down!

The sad part about losing a transponder key is that it is so stressful! As soon as you realize that your key is missing, a thousand thoughts and emotions run through your head. Where did you lose it? Maybe you didn’t lose it and someone stole it! Does this mean that your car is ripe for stealing? Are you now a target for possible robbery or kidnapping? How expensive will it be to replace your key? How will you get to work or get the kids to school in the mean time until you get it replaced? Do you need to call a tow truck since your car won’t run without a key? Your emotions can run from fear and panic to anger and remorse. In fact, a mixture of all of them is common so don’t feel bad if that’s how you deal with it.

In the old days… before transponder keys

Not long ago, pre-1995 to be exact, transponder keys were not used – “regular” car keys were. If you lost one or it broke, you simply got one duplicated for less than a dollar. All was well; or was it? Back then, cars were easier to steal, too. You could “borrow” someone’s transponder key, make a copy of it and then steal their car later. Or, you could simply hot-wire their car as shown in the movies and television. Not anymore. With the advent of transponder keys, it is so difficult and expensive to copy a transponder key that most won’t bother. Also, since smart technology is being used, the new system will not allow hot wiring to take place. A drastic reduction in car theft has been the result! This is a good thing; right? It is, until you find that your transponder key is missing, broken or stolen!

What a transponder key does

The word transponder means to transmit. Your transponder key does exactly that. The key itself looks like any other. It has a rounded or squared head for holding and turning and a metal blade with jagged and notched edges. Inside the key head is an embedded chip that sends a signal to your car’s onboard computer. If the signal is recognized, the engine is allowed to start. If not, as in the case of a wrong key, it doesn’t. Also, hot wiring no longer works with the transponder key system. Lack of key duplicating and lack of success with hot wiring the cars make for a much lower car theft rate. The only drawback to this system is the cost involved with replacing that lost or stolen transponder key. Since your car won’t run (no key) it must be towed into your dealership where a duplicate is made and programmed to send the matching signal to your car. Big hassle and big expense; usually in the multi-hundred dollar range!

So, what should you do?

Firstly, get and then remain calm. You can do this by telling yourself that you’ll have a new and authorized transponder key within hours. You also won’t pay a lot for it. You guessed it; call a local, full service automotive locksmith shop like ours. The right technician is also authorized by the car manufacturer to make a copy and program the chip. The difference being, that you don’t need a tow truck as your locksmith comes to you. You don’t need to pay huge middle man fees as your locksmith will charge only a fraction of what your dealer will. You don’t need a long service area wait as your locksmith will usually offer same day service and fast response times. What’s not to love? You’ll save so much time and money; you can get a spare transponder key made in the process!

Where to find your locksmith

If you are in town, call us. If not, call around in your community to locate an automotive locksmith that is authorized to duplicate and program transponder keys for your particular make and model of vehicle. Only work with locksmiths that offer same day service, free price quotes and 24-hour emergency help. There are plenty out there, so don’t settle for lesser quality. You are already saving a huge amount of money over not having to get your key duplicated and programmed at the dealership so it’s very worth the efforts to work with the right locksmith.

Spare key smarts

You’ll be amazed at the money savings you accrue when dealing with an established automotive locksmith. We recommend that you order a spare transponder key made for safe keeping. Try your best to not use this key unless needed. It’s always smart to have a second key tucked away in case your main one breaks or becomes lost. Keep your spare in a safe place but don’t forget where it is and always put it back when not in use. Also, a spare key made from a spare key that is hardly used comes out less expensive and better quality than having to work without a key at all.

Online transponder keys

Don’t be tempted to order an online transponder key. These never work right and you not only have long waits for shipping but you won’t get your money back when a refund is requested. The advertisers promise the moon and back but they can’t deliver an honest product so steer clear from that option!