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Transponder Key Programming in Eagan

Working with transponder keys is a lot more difficult than duplicating a flat metal key. Few people know that inside their car key there is a small transponder chip. Even if they know, they think little of it. People don’t know exactly what that transponder chip does and why it is inside the key. And why should they? The car key works just fine and everything is OK for years. And then all of a sudden, the car key doesn’t start your car anymore. Most people think that the car has broken down and spend a lot of money on towing services and mechanics. In fact, the solution to the problem is much simpler: you need a locksmith because the transponder inside your key has malfunctioned. When the transponder malfunctions, it no longer sends the correct signal to the vehicle and the car thinks that you are attempting to start it using a fake key. This is the simple explanation to why your car refuses to start without the correct transponder key. Eagan Super Locksmith has the locksmiths you need right now. We can help you immediately with this problem and duplicate the transponder key for you. Just give us a call.

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A locksmith can duplicate the transponder key for you and solve the problem on the spot. There is no need to tow the car to a mechanic because the problem is so simple. Here at Eagan Super Locksmith we have the most affordable lock and key services in Eagan. We also take great pride in the quality of our work. Each one of our locksmiths is properly trained and uses the best tools to provide outstanding locksmith services anywhere in Eagan. You can count on us to get you out of any kind of trouble and fix any lock and key problems in the shortest time possible at any hour. We are able to perform many other lock and key procedures in Eagan, like:

  • Transponder key reprogramming
  • Stuck key removal
  • Unlocking car trunks and doors
  • Working with any kind of transponder chips
  • Making and configuring smart keys
  • Replacement of ignition cylinders
  • Broken key extraction
  • Providing lockout assistance 24/7 … and much more!

Eagan Super Locksmith will dispatch a locksmith to assist you with your lock and key issues at any hour of day or night. Our amazing emergency service is here to help you stay safe at all times. It is enough to give us a call.

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