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Eagan Residential Locksmith: Deadbolt Change

A high-quality deadbolt can make your home much more secure, for a much more affordable price than many other forms of security upgrades that can cost you. You should have a properly working deadbolt protecting every entry door on your residence. If any of your deadbolts aren’t functioning optimally, you should consider changing them as soon as possible. Deadbolts create the bulk of your home security, since they prevent brute force attacks. Most criminals gain access to homes that they break into via brute force attacks. Eagan Super Locksmith can change your deadbolts out quickly and efficiently.

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Having a deadbolt on every entry door to your home is crucial, but it’s important to ensure that those locks are properly installed and in working order. If your deadbolt’s lock is beginning to wear out it will be easier to thwart, for example. A professional locksmith can inspect all of the locks on your doors, including your deadbolts, and be able to tell you if it’s time for a change.

Single and Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Our locksmiths can change out virtually all types of deadbolt locks, whether you want to replace them with similar hardware as to what is currently installed, or change your lock out to a different type or electronic lock. Most deadbolts are either single or double cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts, which are the most common on residences, have a lock cylinder on the outside and a thumb-turn lever on the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts, which are more secure but can present as a fire hazard, have a lock cylinder on both the interior and the exterior of the lock.

Eagan Super Locksmith carries a wide range of deadbolts, including mechanical, electronic, and even biometric deadbolts, to suit different purposes and budgets. For patio doors, sliding glass doors, and other doors that don’t support deadbolt lock installations, our locksmiths have hardware that can better protect these vulnerable access points. Deadbolts are extremely affective at keeping criminals out, as long as they’re installed correctly with the bolt extending far enough into the door’s strike plate. To keep your home safe, your door and door frame should also be in good repair and sturdy enough to resist a brute force attack. Our locksmiths can help your home reach superior security protection for the most affordable price in town. Call today!

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